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News: ftServer Systems ensure 24/7/365 accessibility for SQL Server database solutions


Performance. Speed. Reliablity. Scalability. These are the essentials of database solutions that support real-time transactions, collaborative efforts, and data management across corporate geographies and e-commerce networks. In these environments, downtime or data loss can quickly cripple the organization’s workflow and impose substantial costs — from time and money spent on repairs to lapses in productivity to the inability to meet service levels and, even from fines due to compliance issues. For nearly three decades, Stratus has delivered mainframe-class availability for critical OLTP applications. Today, we’re combining the industry’s most reliable servers with the fastest growing database product, Microsoft® SQL Server®. The result: high performance, continuous uptime and lasting data integrity. The combination of Microsoft’s SQL server and Stratus’s new fifth-generation ftServer® system brings users a high-performance, enterprise-class database solution that delivers maximum levels of availability — without the high cost and complexity of alternative solutions. When you strengthen your SQL Server database with ftServer systems you immediately benefit from Stratus’ compelling uptime advantage: Nearly six nines (99.9999%) instant uptime for the industry’s fastest-growing database.




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