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Success Stories: US System Integrator – Migrating multiple financial application from COBOL to Java


One of the large US System Integrators with over 25,000 professionals,has their own set of COBOL Financial Systems providing a variety of services to their business clients. Such clients are gradually migrating their other systems to Java, and anticipate closer integration of their Java systems with these Financial Systems. SoftwareMining translation system was selected after a vendor review process lasting over 1 year.

The translation of these systems to java offered the additional advantages to the System Integrator:

< ul>< li>Easier integration with other systems< li>Use of much larger pool of Java development resources to manage the application< li>No additional Runtime licenses for distribution to clients (this was required by original MicroFocus COBOL)< li>Flexibility to deploy their Application Solution in a Customer environment that specifically non IBM and non COBOL




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