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Success Stories: North American Bank – Migration from COBOL to Java


The COBOL back office applications of a top Canadian bank was one of the last applications still running on the IBM Mainframe within a department.The application generated reports and data-files used by other COBOL applications in other departments – continued co-operation between the systems one of the migration requirements.

The Re-hosting of COBOL applications was not considered to be a long term solution as the bank had standardized on Java as a the development language, and the number of COBOL resources was fast diminishing in any case.

Whilst limited budget and resources ruled out manual rewrite a high level of priority was given to a solution which allowed the new code to be maintained in java language. It was a requirement that translations should be legible to Java developers with little orno training.

With these requirements in mind – SoftwareMining language modernization solutions was selected and successfully applied – addressing all the banks requirements.




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