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Hardware Guidance
Simplement software does not require proprietary hardware. This means customers have a large
number of options when selecting hardware for their deployment scenario with Simplement’s Data
Liberator™ (SDL). Instead of dedicated hardware, customers also have the option of running the SDL on
a non-oversubscribed Virtual Machine of the same size as the hardware options described below.
Architecture –
SDL on separate hardware, feeding downstream BI /applications
The SDL target database will run on four (4) Cores and 32 GB of RAM as a minimum specification. This applies
when the SDL is running as the only software on the instance, and is feeding downstream systems (separate
hardware and software). HOWEVER, when the SDL is not co-located on the same server as the primary BI
database server, consideration and proper planning is required with regard to networking and bandwidth between
the SDL and the downstream primary BI server.
SDL co-located on primary BI database server
When the SDL is co-located on the primary BI database server, the hardware sizing will be based on the needs of
the overall BI system. Hardware sizing for BI systems depends on a number of variables. As one resource, please
refer to Microsoft guidelines for hardware sizing for In-Memory utilizing SQL Server 2012 xVelocity :
Scalability –
Within your budget, maximize RAM and CPU’s in all new server purchases. CPU and memory costs continue to
decrease rapidly based on Moore’s Law. If your current budget is limited, purchase hardware that allows
additional RAM to be installed, and that has open sockets for additional CPU’s.
Your Scenario –
Every scenario has unique goals and constraints when facing hardware selection decisions. We know hardware
and software and are available to help your team.
Please contact with questions.




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