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News: Taks choose Raincode for Mainframe migration


Brussels, Belgium - May 29, 2013.
< b>TAKS choose Microsoft, Raincode and Elektron to decommission 100% of the Faroe Islands’ Mainframe installed base.< br>
TAKS is the Faroe Islands’ tax authority. As part of a plan that involves both cost saving and improving flexibility and agility, TAKS has decided to move away from the IBM mainframe it currently uses, and migrate their core applications to an homogeneous Microsoft’s stack, including the .NET platform and SQL Server for the database.
< br> Elektron has a long-standing relationship with TAKS and has been maintaining the TAKS portfolio for over 25 years now, and is therefore the service provider of choice to run this migration project. After considering a number of options and running extensive tests, TAKS and Elektron have selected the Raincode Stack (including the PL/I compiler and matching CICS emulator) as the target environment for a smooth migration, where most aspects are taken care of by the tools instead of requiring extensive manual intervention.
The project is due to start in June 2013, and is planned over 15 months.
< br> Niels Christian Nolsøe, CEO of Elektron: "The Raincode toolset has proven to be versatile, flexible and robust, and integrates seamlessly in the Microsoft stack for optimal interoperability. Early tests have addressed all pending questions, and have amply demonstrated the quality and thoroughness of the emulation, so that the original mainframe behavior is reproduced accurately."
< br> Eyðun Mørkøre, Managing Director from TAKS: "We have chosen to ask Elektron, together with Raincode, to convert our systems from our mainframe platform to a Microsoft platform, which is a modern, considerably more cost effective and more suitable platform for us. We believe that Elektron and Raincode are capable of migrating the TAKS systems successfully within the very tight time schedule we have set."
< br> For further information please contact Raincode:
Thomas Defourny
< a href="">
Mob: +32 475 84 12 04
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