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Success Stories: Visual PL1 Press Release - SDC


Scandinavisk Data Center A/S ( is a bank-owned full service IT provider and partner for small and medium-sized financial enterprises in the Nordic region. With 137 banks for a total of 8 million accounts under management, SDC is one of the leading IT providers and partners for the financial sector in the Nordics and Faroese Islands. On the basis of economies of scale and shared solutions across members, SDC ensures deliverable at low unit costs and high level of quality. SDC underpins the business development and competitiveness of its customers through professional cooperation and regular deliveries. In 2010, SDC group revenue increased by € 13.4 million to reach a total of € 160 million, mainly due to an influx of new customers. By increasing supply and agreement efficiency, the net profit of the group grew to € 8.7 million in 2010, while the total capital of the group grew to € 121 million.




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