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Success Stories: Internet Imaging Increases Credit Union Services


Internet Imaging Increases Credit Union Services

Business Challenge

Georgia Telco Credit Union was founded in 1934 by a group of telephone company employees. From an initial investment of , their assets have grown to over million, and membership has grown to over 85,000 members, making it the third largest Credit Union in Georgia.

Georgia Telco offers a full range of products and services to meet all their members' financial needs. They offer a wide variety of financial products and services designed to fit the individual. Whether it’s high yields on savings accounts, savings certificates or IRAs, or low rates on auto loans, personal loans or mortgage loans, the primary goal is to save their members money, while maintaining a high standard of member service.

Because Georgia Telco's information was processed by a third party vendor's software, stored in multiple databases and hardware platforms, in addition to being saved in different formats, they sought the expertise of Progeni a proven software solutions provider. Progeni and GA Telco teamed up to provide member access to personal account history information, inclusive of check images and account statements, in an easy to use graphical format via the internet.

Georgia Telco selected Dell PowerEdge Servers (networked to a 90 GB Raid Array) running a Microsoft Windows SQL Server to provide the core infrastructure for this mission critical task. Consolidation of three independent information sources was critical to the success of this project.

Georgia Telco wanted the ability to modify and/or isolate software components to give them maximum flexibility. This allowed them to blend existing systems with new packages and technologies that they wanted to use. In addition, this became common ground where the programming efforts of their existing staff, who are specialists in different languages, could be combined to best serve their members needs.

Progeni used their Passport2i product that allows the separation of data, logic, communications, host to host and host to user components in applications, with zero invasiveness. As Passport2i is a non-invasive solution, it provided Georgia Telco with a low risk, low cost way to deliver what their users wanted. Passport2i allows customers to develop interfaces that gather information from disparate sources, combine it and deliver it with the same look and feel of their other web applications, internally developed or packaged solutions. The robust functionality embodied in Passport2i generates user interfaces in a format that allows unlimited flexibility for desktop, host, application and data integration.

The project completed on time and within budget took just three months to complete.




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