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Research Papers: Pragmatic Works Whitepaper: Extending Reporting Services with Custom Code


SQL Server Reporting Services is capable of creating eye-popping visualizations that can be consumed by a variety of business users. The tool has built-in functionality for developers to produce reports that users will find not only functional, but also visually appealing. A report developer is tasked with designing these reports using many of the native components like charts, gauges, and matrix to name a few.

Along with these report tools your developers must learn Reporting Services expressions. Expressions are used frequently in reports to control content and report appearance. While the expression language is powerful, it does have some gaps in functionality that can leave a developer searching for ways to solve complex problems.

This whitepaper will focus on how to overcome the gaps that expressions leaves by using custom code. You will also learn many other advantages of using custom code like creating consistency across all reports developed. As you read this paper, you will walk through many examples of using custom code. These examples will emphasize the use of custom code, and will therefore skip topics like creating data sources, datasets and basic report toolbox items. It will significantly benefit the reader to have a basic understanding of Visual Basic which all examples will be shown using. The intent of this paper is not to teach you Visual Basic, but to know show it can be used in Reporting Services and take away some real-world examples you could use at your work. All the reports developed in this whitepaper can be downloaded at

Please see attachment for full whitepaper.




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