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Research Papers: The Business Case for SAP Migration from Solaris/SPARC to Windows Server


Microsoft Windows Server is an increasingly popular platform for the hosting of enterprise application workloads such as SAP. More than 65,000 SAP installations run on Windows — more than all other platforms combined — and almost two-thirds of all new SAP installations are deployed on Windows.
That being said, there are many customers with SAP installations running on proprietary Sun RISC-based (SPARC) hardware and the Solaris operating system that have migrated, or are now considering a migration, to Windows Server. There are numerous advantages as a result of this migration, ranging from hard cost savings to IT alignment with strategic initiatives. This paper provides a compelling business case for the migration of SAP from the SPARC/Solaris platform to Windows Server on standard hardware platforms. We present a cost and value model that clearly demonstrates the quantitative benefits of the server hardware, operating system and even database software platform migration. The benefits include both tactical, hard costs savings as well as strategic, long-term benefits.
Prior Pique Solutions survey research, as well as the research participant screening as part of this project, indicates that more companies are migrating SAP from UNIX to Windows Server as compared to Linux. Our previous research indicated as much as a 3:1 ratio of companies moving to Windows over Linux. Certainly, a key factor to explain this difference is the economic benefit of migration of the server operating system, and even the underlying SAP database, to Microsoft Windows Server
and Microsoft SQL Server, respectively. As our business case demonstrates, a migration to Linux, despite the possible savings in operating system software licenses, clearly does not provide the level of cost savings and business value as compared to a migration to Windows Server.




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