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Research Papers: Migrating from Java to .NET: Market Trends and Key Benefits


Pique Solutions recently completed a unique research project to identify trends and gain insights into development platform migrations. Migration, in the context of this study, is defined as a significant change in an enterprise’s development project portfolio, as driven by the company’s development resources and the underlying tools and technologies used for development. This change is manifested by shifting resources for new development projects from one platform to another and by redeveloping existing applications on a new platform.

While changing development platforms is not a trivial exercise, particularly for larger enterprises using several development platforms, the results of the study reveal that as many as one-third of the 782 companies surveyed have made a significant shift in their development platform within the past 18 months. The blind study of IT professionals conducted in January 2011 by independent research and consulting firm Pique Solutions focused on the two major development platform options for organizations today: .NET and Java.




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