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Success Stories: OpenLegacy Case Study - Furniture Manufacturer Gains 360 View Of Their Customer


By effectively using the OpenLegacy Platform as the pathway in combining the best of the "classic" application world with the "modern" mobile demand, the customer not only was able to leverage the security, stability, cost effectiveness and investment of its IBM i environment, but now have a revitalized view of the IBM i as a critical and vital component of its overall long-term IT strategy.  

The company turned to the OpenLegacy platform to create a modern tablet application integrating its existing IBM i applications. Leveraging its built- in mobile and tablet application framework, a tablet application was created modernizing dozens of business processes and “green screens” in only eight weeks of development. The new application enables a 360-degree view of the customer through an improved business flow that combines different IBM i screens - including sales tracking, inventory status, and payment collection. Users can easily drill-down to the individual order level, in a rejuvenated, streamlined interface.

The executive leadership team has access to a dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs), where they can track sales targets and performance vs. plan. As a result, the underlying IBM i application is now elevated to being part of a more productive management environment. 




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