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Success Stories: OpenLegacy Case Study - Financial Services Enhancing Customer Experience


This group turned to OpenLegacy platform to expose the Mainframe transactions that provided credit card transaction history. Within two days, OpenLegacy enabled a fully-functional, high performing, and secure web service encapsulating the transaction for credit card history details, with a 260 millisecond response time. OpenLegacy leveraged its unique connection pools technology, which significantly decreases connection initialization time and thus reduces overall response time. The OpenLegacy solution also included an open source connector to the Mainframe. The web service is now executed thousands of times per minute or over a million times per day.

As a payment company, the group has always employed the highest standards of security across its technology stack. A secure SSL connection to the Mainframe was implemented, adhering to all of the security requirements.

Using OpenLegacy’s graphical user interface for defining web services on top of mainframe transactions, it was easy for the mainframe team to add new fields or remove existing fields from the web service, and maintain the web service as necessary - without any coding.  




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