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Success Stories: OpenLegacy Case Study - Integrated Application For Insurance Agents


OpenLegacy to help to integrate the IBM i claim management system into the auto insurance application. In a proof of concept that lasted only five days, using the OpenLegacy platform, one process was exposed that presented all the reports related to a specific claim within the main auto insurance web application. The insurance agent was able to drill down to a specific policy and see all the claims related to this policy all within the policy page of the web application. Their agents and project managers were thrilled.

The full project of integrating the web application and the remaining claim management transactions took only ten days of development time. In addition, all of the insurance company’s security measures were implemented together with OpenLegacy platform (their security is bank-level), as well as a secure and efficient single sign-on process.  




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Created at 2/18/2015 7:23 AM by Debra Mendes
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