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Success Stories: OpenLegacy Case Study - Retailer Gains Mobile Connectivity Without The Hefty Price Tag


The retailer leveraged the OpenLegacy platform to modernize its IBM i environment. In 2.5 days, the retailer’s developers were able to create a mobile application on top of the retailer’s IBM i store sales application, built on top of OpenLegacy’s OpenMobile module.

The new mobile application exposes real-time sales floor data to managers, who are able to follow sales status in real-time by store and by department. The application is available for both smartphones and tablets, on any platform - Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. In addition to displaying the sales data from the IBM i screens as data tables, the application leverages standard web and mobile widgets to display the data in easy-to-read charts. The charts combine data from multiple IBM i screens to display year-over-year sales comparisons - a view that did not exist in the original IBM i application as a standalone screen.  




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Created at 2/18/2015 8:57 AM by Debra Mendes
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