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< div>DataNovata now has even more features to add to its already impressive roster:
< div>
< div>Secure Communication
< div>All communications between the DataNovata application and web server now takes place using the secure https protocol keeping your data safer than ever.
< div> < div>Single Sign-on< div>With the previous version of DataNovata, users had a separate login for each application. The new Gateway interface now provides single sign-on, resulting in less administartion and greater convenienmce< div> < div>Active Directory< div>Want to replace Gateway with Active Directory as your preferred method of user control ? No problem - dataNovata lets you do that, allowing you to fully integrate with your current setup< div> < div>Data Retention and End-of-Life< div>It is sometimes desirable to purge data when it is no longer required retaining only as much data as is necessary. The new Data Retention and End-of-Life facility allows rules to be set to determine what to purge and when. This then takes place automatically.< div> < div>Bulk Extract< div>The previous version of DataNovata allowed users to export the records that were shown on-screen; a limit imposed to prevent a huge amount of data being sent over the network. With the new Bulk Extract facillity a user can request an extract of ALL the records that satisfy the search criteria. This happens in the background on the server, allowing the user to continue with their work.< div> < div> < div>If you would like a free Demonstration of DataNovata or wish to discuss your requirements email




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