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News: DataNovata and Application Portfolio Management


< h2 class=contentheading>DataNovata and Application Portfolio Management
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 12:16
The increasing use of Application Portfolio Management is now a very common practice. It is a direct result of years of creating applications or the high cost of many disparate software and hardware systems due to mergers and acquisitions.

APM optimises a company’s IT spend, making sure the infrastructure is efficient and that it’s getting a good return on the sizeable IT investment.

Important and timely decisions have to be made to consolidate and archive applications, as well as the data, and these decisions are fundamental to ensuring the hidden costs are not ramping up out of proportion.

These costs are frequently hidden under the carpet within a growing number of disparate computer systems, thanks to their different requirements for infrastructure, licensing and support, not to mention the spiralling IT staff and end-user costs to use and support the systems.

NSC work with many clients who are taking active steps to address this problem by rationalising their estate and establishing a cost-effective strategic archive plan for data and applications.

Using DataNovata they can quickly create a detailed, structured and secure access to all the older data, which also satisfies any ongoing legal and business requirements.




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