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Success Stories: Advansa SASA- Textile Firm Migrates Database to Cut Costs and Increase Performance by 20 Percent


Advansa SASA, a leading textile manufacturer base in Turkey, has a large facility, campus, and texturized yarn factory in Adana, as well as a fiber factory in Germany. In 2002, the company began using a SAP ERP infrastructure operating on a UNIX platform with database server that was commonly used with SAP. The company had major concerns about the total cost of ownership for the system and management risks in outsourcing to maintain the UNIX platform and existing database. To address these issues, Advansa SASA ultimately migrated to Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Intel-based hardware. By using the new solution, Advansa SASA has increased system performance by 20 percent, cut hardware and maintenance costs, and reduced database size through data compression. The company calculates that it is saving 30 percent, or about U.S.,000, in total cost of ownership over five years.




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