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Success Stories: ATERAS® Announces Savannah River Operations Eliminates Mainframe Processing


DALLAS, May 15, 2012 /CNW/ - ATERAS, a leading provider of solutions for legacy migration and modernization, announced today the successful implementation of a Natural Re-Host project for the Department of Energy (DOE) Savannah River Operations Office (SR). DOE-SR* required a highly-capable, cost-effective solution to rehost their Natural Adabas systems on a Windows Server based platform. The answer was to use the Application Transparency Platform (ATP) from ATERAS.

DOE-SR maintains Federal oversight of the Savannah River Site (SRS), a major industrial complex responsible for environmental cleanup, waste management and disposition of nuclear materials and focused on developing broader missions to address critical missions in environmental stewardship, clean energy and national security. DOE-SR is responsible for the oversight of the DOE's environmental management operations at SRS.

Until recently, the DOE-SR Personnel Security Branch, Office of Safeguards, Security and Emergency Services utilized two mainframe databases and applications to record and track access authorizations. With the mainframe contract expiring in December 2011, it was imperative that database applications be migrated from the current mainframe environment to a Windows server-based platform within five months.

ATP is the sole industry solution that can provide Natural Re-Hosting with an end-to-end answer while lowering high license costs, supporting higher productivity and maintaining full preservation of legacy assets and business rules. ATP shortens the modernization window so that legacy modernization is no longer a long term project. The ATP solution provided DOE-SR the ability to remove their mainframe within the five month project window, while keeping the applications unchanged and providing a relational database.

"DOE-SR needed a fast solution to rehost in a Windows environment that met their technical requirements. ATP provides the only alternative in the industry for a fast, efficient solution for moving Natural Adabas off the mainframe to Windows without impact to the business. The ROI is accelerated to months versus years," said Scott Miller, CEO, President, ATERAS.

DOE-SR had two applications that were written in Natural Adabas and hosted on an IBM zSeries model mainframe. Both applications were successfully migrated to Windows Server 2008 R2 standard and SQL Server 2008 standard. The requirement was to remove Natural Adabas as quickly as possible without changes to the application code. The Natural applications were moved without change from their current mainframe environment to a less expensive, more robust ATP environment on Windows. The Adabas databases and data were automatically transformed to SQL Server. The ATP development environment is enhanced with full documentation, impact analysis, dynamic debugging and version control. The transition was seamless with no impact to the business and no need for end-user or developer re-training.

"ATERAS is one of our key partners for migrating Natural Adabas to Windows and SQL Server," said Bob Ellsworth, Worldwide Director of Platform Modernization for Microsoft. "The migration at SRO demonstrates the effectiveness of ATERAS' newly announced ATP solution enabling SRO to speed their time to deployment on the Microsoft Application Platform, and improve their already compelling ROI."

* Use of the Department of Energy and the Savannah River Operations Office names does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of the ATERAS product


ATERAS has supported global enterprises for over 28 years, offering state-of-the art services that exploit automation for transforming legacy applications and databases into modern technologies using patent-pending automated conversion and modernization, Re-Hosting technologies (DB-Shuttle™ & eav™ suite, ATP™). ATERAS' Application Portfolio Management (APM) solutions and Application code understanding range from Assessments of existing IT environments, enterprise field expansion, and COBOL/Natural workbenches to automated documentation tools. Information at:

Anna Stamatelatos, Vice President Sales & Marketing

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