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Success Stories: Generali USA Life Reassurance Company- Insurer Meets Mission-Critical Needs and Saves .7 Million Yearly with SQL Server


Generali USA Life Reassurance Company ran its mission-critical applications and data on an IBM OS/390 mainframe that was increasingly difficult to update, use, and rely on. The company evaluated several database options: DB2 on a contemporary mainframe, Linux, UNIX, and Windows; Oracle; and Microsoft SQL Server. All provided mission-critical reliability and scalability, but SQL Server provided the lowest total cost of ownership. Generali USA then rewrote its applications and migrated its data to SQL Server. The results: The company expects to save U.S..7 million a year; it now has both more choice and more control over mission-critical systems; and the democratization of data gives business users more and faster information for better risk analysis and pricing. The company envisions extending data access to its customers, helping to enhance customer relationships and increase revenues.




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