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Success Stories: KAS BANK- European Bank Modernizes IT Infrastructure, Boosts Agility with Enterprise IT Solution


KAS BANK is a European specialist in wholesale securities services that run on in-house applications. The bank wanted a more flexible programming environment to develop new applications to run on the mainframe so it could quickly respond to customer needs and a changing market. KAS BANK wanted to shift to the more agile development environment provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework and the more modern, interoperable IT foundation provided by the foundational server products in Microsoft Enterprise Client Access License (CAL) Suite agreement. Today, KAS BANK is bringing new products to market quickly and cost-effectively: In three years, it has rapidly increased the number of products built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and that run on Windows. KAS BANK has already saved €51,000 (U.S.,500) in annual licensing costs by retiring disparate third-party products.




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