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Success Stories: Florim USA- Small Firm Makes Big Bet on Microsoft; Saves .7 Million, Boosts Productivity 1,400 Percent


Can you reduce business risk by doing something your peers regard as risky? Florim USA, with 250 employees, learned the answer when it decided to rethink its IT strategy. Point solutions from IBM, Novell, NEC, and Citrix had increased the complexity, cost, and risk of virtually every IT function. To reverse that trend, Florim USA used a strategy that small companies often consider high risk and high cost: it standardized on one technology platform and deployed major solutions on that platform to cover its most mission-critical functions. The company chose Microsoft technology, because of its potential to help roll back costs and simplify IT management. The strategy worked. Florim USA reduced IT costs by U.S..7 million over four years, boosted IT productivity by 1,400 percent, and reengineered business processes to be faster, cheaper, and more effective. It adds up to a lot less risk.




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