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Research Papers: Designing Distributed Applications for High-Availability


Because Web technologies are rapidly becoming the platform of choice for supporting enterprise-wide applications, the infrastructure required to develop and host applications has grown in scale and complexity. The .NET Platform is the direct result of a major shift in the computer application architecture that took place during the 1990s.

In This Section

Architectural Shifts and Developer Challenges
Examines the shift in application architectures and developer challenges brought on by Internet technologies.
An Overview of Distributed Applications
Gives an introduction to building distributed applications with Microsoft technologies.
Design Goals
Provides links to topics that examine fundamental application design goals, such as performance and scalability.
Planning Distributed Applications
Includes links to topics with recommendations for distributed application design and making technology decisions.
Programming the Web with XML Web Services
Presents a guide to XML Web services technology implementations available with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework SDK.
Enterprise Templates for Distributed Applications
Provides links to topics that describe the uses and advantages of Enterprise Templates and how to use them.
Data Design
Presents concepts useful for designing enterprise data.
Visual Database Tools
Provides an overview of Visual Database Tools, which help you create and maintain databases and manage data-driven applications.
Developing for Devices
Describes two approaches for developing applications that run on devices. Use Smart Device Projects to develop rich applications that run on the .NET Compact Framework. Use ASP.NET Mobile Designer to build mobile Web applications for browser-equipped devices.
Crystal Reports
Provides documentation on Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET, the standard reporting tool for Visual Studio .NET
Describes the challenges of intellectual property protection and includes documentation for an obfuscator for .NET assemblies that addresses these issues.

Related Sections

Building Applications
Provides links to information on creating ASP.NET Web applications and Windows Forms applications.
Introduction to Distributed Applications and Data Integration
Provides links to a detailed discussion about data integration in distributed, scalable applications.
Enterprise Samples
Points to two enterprise samples included with Visual Studio, which demonstrate distributed .NET Framework applications.
Building Distributed Applications with .NET (
Examines the design of distributed applications to take best advantage of the .NET Platform.
Decision Chart
Provides a graphical, linked guide to decisions about designing your application.
Programming with Office
Provides information on using Microsoft Office and Visual Studio .NET as part of your business application.




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