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News: Micro Focus and Microsoft unveil new reference environments to showcase benefits of migrating applications off the mainframe


Newbury, England, 12 April 2011 — Micro Focus® (LSE.MCRO.L), the leading provider of enterprise application modernization, testing and management solutions, today announced its collaboration with Microsoft in the creation of Reference Environments at two Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs). The Reference Environments demonstrate the simplicity and practical benefits of migrating core mainframe applications to a modern x64 Windows Server platform in a real-world scenario. In the UK, (Reading, Berkshire) the Reference Environment is provided on DELL Poweredge R910 hardware and in the US (Redmond, Washington) on Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL580 hardware. This reflects Micro Focus’s long-standing Application Modernization and Migration partnerships with Microsoft, HP and Dell.

The Reference Environments are built on the latest Micro Focus Reference Architecture (MFRA) – a best-practice environment for migrating business-critical applications off the mainframe. The MTCs give customers the opportunity to demo a mainframe application in a non-mainframe environment. The two centers represent a full-scale x64 infrastructure with software from Micro Focus, Microsoft, CA Technologies, Syncsort and Levi, Ray & Shoup to deliver the capabilities necessary to service fully-functioning mission-critical applications in a distributed environment.

"Re-hosting solutions provide a relatively low-cost and low-risk way to reduce or eliminate mainframe operating costs," says Dale Vecchio, research VP, Gartner Research. "It also minimizes the amount of change to existing legacy systems while preserving their business value. But legacy portfolios have often been decades in the making and are steeped in mainframe architectures and procedural application strategies. Tools that can help in implementing a mainframe modernization strategy should be seen as insurance to reduce the risk of failure. Platform or service providers can also bring knowledge and experience in creating an operational environment on these platforms."

"The Micro Focus Reference Architecture for the Microsoft Application Platform gives organizations an understanding of the distributed architecture required to re-host workload from the mainframe," says Peter Gadd, VP of Application Modernization at Micro Focus. "Micro Focus has delivered more than 600 successful migration projects, many underpinned by the Microsoft Application Platform. At the two MTC locations customers will be able to see code samples from their own applications running in a virtual mainframe environment. They will get immediate insight into the cost-savings and performance benefits that migration returns."

"A reference architecture to support re-hosting mainframe applications gives customers a solid roadmap when considering IT modernization," says Michael Dee Hester, Director of Platform Modernization at Microsoft Corporation. "Together, Microsoft and Micro Focus have delivered a working reference environment equivalent to 1000+ MIPs in the technology center for customer demonstrations and workshops. Customers considering modernizing their mainframe or COBOL applications to the Microsoft Application Platform can use the Micro Focus Reference Environment to gain a better understanding of the benefits of a mainframe alternative environment."

Background materials (MTC)

< ul>< li>White paper: Micro Focus Reference Architecture for Windows< li>White paper: Mainframe Alternative Reference Implementation

About the Micro Focus Reference Architecture

The Micro Focus Reference Architecture (MFRA) is a complete solution design foundation for re-hosting business-critical, mainframe-based applications on more cost-effective environments. The Micro Focus migration route is a low risk option, yielding a fast return on investment.

Benefits include:

< ul>< li>Application costs reduced by up to 80%< li>Batch processes completed in half the time< li>Double the number of online transactions processed in the same time< li>Accelerated application modernization, with new functionality delivered up to 40% faster < div>




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