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Success Stories: Metex VB6 to .Net Migration Solution - Bank of Montreal


BMO made a corporate decision to standardize on .NET and eliminate all 4GLs such as PowerBuilder, VB and others over a period of several years.

The Bank of Montreal’s Price Manipulation Detection System (PMD), written in VB6 is a critical system which monitors and detects suspicious stock market trading activity.

The Toronto Stock Exchange, Montreal Stock Exchange, CORPDB and the Trade Capture System (TCS) provide source files feeds into the PMD application to generate daily and monthly reports which show transaction attributes necessary for determining price manipulation activities.

PMD offers consolidated reporting for equities and derivatives for Wash Trading, Inventory Parking, Retail Parking, Front Running and Derivative Surveillance.

Business Challenge

BMO was concerned that the Visual Basic 6 platform had been discontinued and was no longer supported. Additionally, there were a number of enhancements and improvements the bank wanted to make to the PMD application that were not possible with the existing Visual Basic technology.




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