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Success Stories: Metex Centura to .Net Migration Solution - MortgageFlex




The LoanQuest software application, which was developed on the Centura 4GL Client Server platform, had expanded to over 1,500,000 lines of code over a period of 10 years of extensive development and implementation of new features.

In 2005, MortgageFlex senior management recognized that market demand for Client Server technology was falling and the Centura language was rapidly becoming obsolete. Even though the company’s LoanQuest solution offered industry leading features and functionality, the Centura language and Client Server architecture were becoming difficult to sell to large potential clients who were demanding state-of-the-art solutions.

Business Challenges

The business case was clear: modernize the software architecture and offer current technology or jeopardize future sales growth. The company responded by making a strategic decision to move its LoanQuest application to a modern development platform and selected the Microsoft .NET architecture.


Metex migrated their LoanQuest Centura application to a .NET platform on schedule in less than half the time and cost of the forecasted manual re-write project.




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