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Success Stories: Metex PowerBuilder to Java Migration Solution - Texas Computer Cooperative / ESC-20




ESC-20’s Regional Service Center Computer Cooperative (RSCCC) application suite is a comprehensive range of powerful business and student administrative applications written specifically for Texas school districts.

RSCCC offers a total in-house solution and is the most widely used school administrative software application in the state of Texas with over 700 school districts and charter schools as clients.

Business Challenges

The RSCCC suite consisted of 16 PowerBuilder programs with a total of over 2,000,000 lines of application code and extensive use of customized PowerBuilder Foundation Class libraries. ESC-20 was concerned that its PowerBuilder code platform was in danger of becoming obsolete and that ongoing software updates and implementation of new functionality would be increasingly difficult to support.

Metex successfully completed the migration from Powerbuilder to Java in the agreed time frame.

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