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Success Stories: Metex PowerBuilder to .NET Migration Solution - SourceMedical


Business Objective

SourceMed had a leading hospital management solution but the business development team sounded the alarm that an application based on a PowerBuilder client server was incapable of winning new business. An immediate upgrade to a modern language and architecture was essential.

Overview of the Application and Situation

Metex transformed the SourceMed Hospital Management System into a modern .NET architecture. The software application is a very comprehensive solution that encompasses all elements of hospital management including scheduling, patient records, billing, inventory management and more. Metex was selected to do the Migration from Powerbuilder to .NET as time to market and code quality was critical and Metex provided a project timeline that was shorter than what several offshore firms could provide.

Highlights of the Modernization

The hospital management application contained over 500 complex screens and over 1600 PowerBuilder DataWindows. The client server PowerBuilder application was transformed into a multi-tier Smart Client Solution. The user interface was substantially modernized and the patient scheduling module was upgraded to have an interface that resembled a typical "Outlook" look and feel.




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