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Research Papers: Accelerated Application Modernization (AAM)


CIOs are increasingly considering the modernization of legacy languages as one of their top priorities. Client server languages that were very popular during the 1990’s are now considered to be a liability due to a shortage of qualified staff, an inability to move client server applications to the cloud and no practical application access via wireless devices. Companies with legacy client server applications that move to Java or .NET will reap a range of advantages including:

  • Hiring and retaining developers will be much easier;
  • Applications can be moved to the cloud;
  • More third party utilities and solutions are available for Java and .NET;
  • Maintenance and deployment will be reduced with web based Java or .NET applications;
  • Web based applications can be accessed from anywhere by increasingly popular wireless pad devices

The benefits of moving 4GL client server applications to web based Java or .NET solutions is clear but the cost of application upgrade projects is often viewed as prohibitive. Manual projects are extremely expensive and time consuming while the use of technology based syntax translation technology in the past has resulted in poor quality code that is difficult to maintain and results in higher cost in the long run.

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