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Research Papers: Fujitsu Progression. Mainframe and Midrange to .NET


Fujitsu Progression. Mainframe and Midrange to .NET

The day will come when you can no longer delay the migration of your aging mission-critical mainframe systems to new Open Systems platforms. In order to meet your escalating business demands, modernization will become imperative.

When that day comes, you would be well-served to enlist Fujitsu as your partner. Fujitsu is a leading provider of systems integration and technology consulting services. Our holistic PROGRESSION™ approach to legacy system modernization consists of integrating best-in-class hardware, innovative software, and expert services into a customized solution designed specifically to meet your needs.

The key to the success of the PROGRESSION approach is the use of a combination of solutions and services to first determine and then deliver the perfect recipe to meet your needs. Whether you decide to retain your existing platform or modernize to a new one, our PROGRESSION team will ensure that your solution consists of the perfect blend of tools and support.

With the PROGRESSION automated tool suite, legacy applications developed with languages such as COBOL, RPG, and Transact can be easily modernized to a newer platform such as Microsoft .NET using languages including VB.NET or C#. Most importantly, once the modernization is complete you own the source code, so you can maintain your organization's internal repairs and provide immediate solutions going forward.

The Fujitsu PROGRESSION Solution consists of a mix of software and hardware designed specifically for you to modernize and revitalize your valuable systems and assets.

Modernizing Mainframe/Mid-Frame to Microsoft .NET Platform Using VB.NET or C#

Depending upon your current mainframe or mid-frame operating platform and the platform to which you wish to migrate, the Fujitsu PROGRESSION solution offers a number of options.

  • IBM / HP / UNISYS Mainframe COBOL to .NET Solution
  • IBM AS/400 COBOL/RPG to .NET
  • VB to VB .NET
  • Natural/Adabas to .NET

Why Fujitsu?

Key to the success of the PROGRESSION solution is the services team. The services team is composed of a wide variety of migration experts, from software and hardware engineers to program managers and analysts. The services team knows what is required to modernize your system and they are prepared to do whatever it takes to migrate your system efficiently and painlessly.

Decades of helping clients to meet their IT challenges gives Fujitsu a unique perspective on what solutions actually work when devising a system modernization strategy. Regardless of your size or industry, your organization shares many of the same problems, issues, and obstacles that our team has overcome for other organizations around the world.

Our PROGRESSION services include:

  • Analysis of legacy application (e.g., documentation)
  • Obsolete code identification / gap assessment
  • Automated modernization of legacy application to .NET
  • Turnkey solutions from project initiation to implementation
  • Flexibility in project scope
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • User Interface enhancement
  • Application customization
  • Application integration (web services)
  • Hardware configuration (servers)
  • Training and Warranty




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