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News: Speedware and Sykora-ML Join Forces to Provide Modernization Solutions for IBM AS/400 Market


Montreal, Quebec (February 11, 2009) – Speedware Ltd., a leading provider of IT modernization solutions, today announced an agreement with Sykora-ML to introduce ML-iMPACT, a modernization solution for AS/400 applications, to the North American market. ML-iMPACT is created and developed by Sykora-ML, a German-based company that has been delivering services to the AS/400 market for more than twenty years.

Under the terms of this agreement, Speedware will become the North American reseller and system integrator for ML-iMPACT software. ML-iMPACT converts AS/400 applications, including RPG and CL, to native .NET and Java platforms. Industry analysts estimate over 200,000 AS/400 servers, also known as iSeries and System i, are currently in use worldwide. These customers face an increasing number of challenges leading them to evaluate contemporary and scaleable modernization approaches.

"We are convinced that ML-iMPACT offers the most powerful and complete modernization solution for the AS/400 community," said Andy Kulakowski, General Manager of Speedware. "Up until now, the AS/400 market had been offered migration products that simply emulated the legacy system. We can now provide these customers with a truly native conversion."

Legacy modernization projects are performed to resolve the current challenges facing organizations operating critical business functions on legacy platforms. For the AS/400 market, these challenges include the increasing cost for maintenance, licenses and support of legacy systems, limited access to platform-compatible software products, complexity in integrating AS/400 applications with other systems and the increasing shortage and high cost of resources experienced in legacy applications. By moving to open computing platforms, enterprises are able to increase their business performance, agility and competitiveness while reducing ongoing operating costs.

"Speedware’s commitment to excellence parallels our own, making them the right partner to introduce ML-iMPACT to the North American market," said Thomas Sykora, CEO of Sykora-ML. "We were also impressed with Speedware’s rich and varied history of successful modernization projects in the mainframe and midrange market. We look forward to a rewarding relationship helping customers transition from AS/400 platforms."
About Sykora-ML

Sykora-ML has been delivering solutions to the AS/400 marketplace for over 20 years. Their solutions are focused on allowing companies to modernize their AS/400 legacy assets automatically into C# for Microsoft .NET and Java. This approach provides enormous application development productivity benefits. Whether a company's requirement is to rehost all of their assets or simply a component of their legacy system into a new SOA environment, Sykora-ML technology provides one of the most efficient ways to transform programs and data into a .NET or J2EE framework.




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