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Success Stories: foursquared Inc: SAP on SQL Server selected for Use at UPS


UPS is a company providing a host of logistic services, both retail and otherwise to millions of customers across the US and Canada. The requirement to provide a logistics solution within UPS proved to be a significant challenge. Leaning on its’ strong partnerships with SAP and Microsoft, UPS had requirements to design a robust implementation of SAP using commodity hardware from Intel and the power of SQL Server and Windows from Microsoft.

While evaluating their SAP platform strategy, UPS approached staff at Microsoft to evaluate the potential of operating the key SAP environments for this new logistics environment. This new environment covering a large number of infrastructure components required scalability, flexibility and optimization around all facets of the business at UPS.

Through the in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Staff around SAP Solution implementation, the benefits to using SQL Server and the use of commodity hardware from Intel, UPS was swayed to successfully make a decision to leverage SQL Server and Windows as a platform for SAP. The use of the Microsoft-SAP Migration and Innovation Center was instrumental in making this platform decision an effective one for UPS.

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