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Success Stories: ​Major City Government Modernizes to .NET with ExperSolve


Office of the City Register of one of the largest American cities had developed a suite of applications in the once popular language of Pascal (Delphi Pascal).  Maintaining and upgrading these applications became problematic as the number of skilled Delphi Pascal programmers has steadily decreased since the 1980s. 

The migration required extensive analysis of the old applications and solid competence in the new .NET destination platform.  The City invited ExperSolve to deliver the solution.  ExperSolve performed an Assessment of the programs and created a plan for the aging applications to migrate to an ASP.NET solution with C# code-behind.  In addition to the migration, an upgrade of the existing Oracle 8i database was performed to bring the database to Oracle 11g.  The new applications were designed to be maintained in Visual Studio.

A recognized leader in modernization and migrations, ExperSolve has processed over five billion lines of code with its award-winning ExperThink™ toolset.   The company’s non-nonsense ARM™ methodology coupled with its factory approach helps minimize costs and deliver high quality solutions.  The on-time with within budget delivery of this project was considered a superb accomplishment by the city government, which reported that completing projects of this scale, on-time and within budget, was an accomplishment to celebrate.




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