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Success Stories: ExperSolve helps Major Retailer Save with move from Mainframe COBOL to .NET.


Retail – Health and Wellness Sector
$5B Publicly Traded Company
The Problem
Additional capacity was needed on an aging mainframe infrastructure.  License fees were consuming a large portion of the IT budget.  This successful retailer sought a new IT infrastructure that was ready to take on the future.
The Challenge
Reduce license costs while migrating to a new, more capable and flexible platform without interrupting business or losing any of the key functions of existing applications.  Complete the project in 18 months.  Reduce future IT expenditures.
  • Over 4,500 COBOL programs
  • 100 Easytrieve programs
  • Thousands of JOBs, PROCs & CONTROL CARDS
  • 800 DB2 Tables and Over 14,000 flat files
  • Migration to .NET with SQL Server
The Solution
The retailer invited ExperSolve to complete the migration.  ExperSolve assessed the inventory and designed a migration plan to a Microsoft .NET platform using NetCOBOL for .NET as the application language and SQL Server as the data store.  The legacy code was converted at ExperSolve’s factory site in Tarrytown, NY, delivered, and tested within 18 months.
The Partner
Annual license fees went from $2,500,000 to under $500,000 enabling the retailer to recoup its investment in the modernization project, and start realizing annual operating savings of over $2,000,000.
A recognized leader in modernization and migrations, ExperSolve has processed over five billion lines of code with its award-winning ExperThink™ toolset.   The company’s no-nonsense ARM™ methodology coupled with its factory approach helps minimize costs and delivers high quality solutions.




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