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Success Stories: Brisk by Elastacloud is announced


Announcing – Brisk is Released

Today, Brisk the Apache Spark as a Service platform from Elastacloud has been released! Brisk brings the power and flexibility of in-memory distributed big data computing to the cloud; one click deployment paired with highly resilient persistent data storage combine to bring 100x price performance improvement over existing Hadoop as a Service cloud offerings.

Using Brisk you can build clusters running Apache Spark with up to 3.2Tb of RAM at their disposal, running one of a choice of managed builds including various combinations of tools that allows you to get up and running with Spark in minutes. The cluster is built in minutes and you can then enjoy native root level access to your cluster using a native SSH client.​

Visit now at for Data Analytics including Spark and mBrace on the Azure Cloud




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Created at 4/1/2015 3:44 AM by andy.cross
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