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Success Stories: DynTek: VMware to Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V Virtualization Engagement Spotlights


National Electronics Manufacturer
A national electronics manufacturer was running VMware v-Sphere and v-Cloud Director for over 300 servers. They engaged DynTek to complete a VMware to Hyper-V Virtualization Training Session to gain a clear understanding of how the VMware solution compared to the Microsoft Hyper-V & System Center solution. DynTek’s team of cross-certified consultants conducted a situational analysis of the current VMware environment and created a feature and terminology mapping analysis to compare and contrast the solution with Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center.

As a result of the session, the electronics organization selected the Microsoft solution as the clear winner. Leveraging Private Cloud Service Vouchers and MPCA, DynTek was able to implement Hyper-V and create a plan to migrate from VMware to Hyper-V across their entire infrastructure. We also created a follow up plan to deploy System Center to manage additional workloads, as well as help them realize their vision for a Public Cloud solution with Azure.

National Recruiting Firm
A national executive recruiting firm was evaluating desktop virtualization for remote users and acquisitions across 100 branches. At the time, 100% of their virtualized infrastructure was on VMware. The organization engaged with DynTek & Microsoft and through our Private Cloud Accelerate Solution, we conducted a Proof of Concept of Citrix XenDesktop running on Hyper-V. The client was extremely impressed with the cost-efficiency and value of the Hyper-V solution and chose to proceed with a full-scale deployment of 250 virtualized desktops. The added value of System Center provided better management and visibility into both their Hyper-V and VMware environments.

The VDI deployment introduced Hyper-V into a previously homogeneous virtualized infrastructure and allowed the client to clearly see that Hyper-V was a cost effective alternative since they did not have to purchase any additional VMware licenses. System Center provided better visibility and was a dramatic improvement to their existing management tool, vCenter.

DynTek's solutions enabled them to reduce costs by approximately $507,000 annually in licensing savings through an EA; reduced hardware expenditures and personnel expenses for system support and help desk; and reduced deployment costs, such as travel expenses and billable man hours.

Large Public School District
This large public school district was running VMware on over 150 servers throughout the school district. The district was struggling with budget cuts and limited staff and needed a solution that better utilized their skill sets. DynTek completed a Private Cloud Accelerate Proof-of-Concept and Production Deployment to showcase how a Hyper-V and System Center solution would save licensing dollars and personnel costs. With System Center, the district can centrally manage the Hyper-V environment, Linux & Unix servers and Cisco network infrastructure.




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