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Success Stories: CU2 Global- High Security Law Enforcement Engagement



​2SQL Working alongside a High Security Law Enforcement client.

The needs of a High Security Client This study outlines the methodology applied to the needs of a high security client during a Microsoft Access to SQL Server conversion program. It shows how 2SQL, along with externally sourced professional services, can be applied to remediate a situation regardless of familiarity with either the Access database and application, its routine operation or its data content. What follows is a summary of the high level process/program of works as it progressed during the actual conversion and migration program. Again, CU2 Global Service personnel had no foreknowledge to the application, its functioning, the data content, or the deliverables from the application, nor did they require any to perform their function.
To view the full case study, please see the attached document.




CU2 Global -High Security Law Enforcement engagement.pdf    
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