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Research Papers: CU2 Global - Consolidating many hundreds of Access databases in to a Single Multi-tenant Environment



​Many organizations, either through natural growth, takeovers, amalgamations, mergers, or simply through the desire for co-operation with sister or complementary agencies, face the need to merge their corporate data assets in to a single, secured and manageable data repository. In the case where Microsoft Access databases proliferate through-out an organization(s), the opportunity to consolidate in to a Multi-tenant SQL Server environment bears serious consideration.

A program of consolidation of an Access database population, tackled manually, would require months to years of effort depending on the number and complexity of the Access databases. As an example, a recent analysis of an Access database from a US Law enforcement agency yielded a conversion effort estimation of 8,700 man hours, and this being for a single Access database.
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Consolidating many hundreds of Access Databases into a single Multi-tenant Environment.pdf    
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