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Success Stories: Blue Chip Case Study: New Workflow Streamlines Software Management and Deployment Efforts


Blue Chip Consulting Group’s (Blue Chip) client was in need of direction and mentoring of software distribution, governance processes and overall best practices. The customer was looking for a way to simplify the onboarding process for new applications while providing a "one stop shop" toolset that established their application packaging and distribution model.
The client was using large, disparate utilities and scripts to package applications while dealing with an outdated software distribution model and a systems management engine that had deteriorating functionality. The existing system needed a quick turn-around for packaging new applications with easy integration into System Center Configuration Manager. The customer needed a fresh prospective and enterprise expertise for software distribution and management. The technology portfolio and management processes chosen would have to allow easy onboarding of new packages, provide a common workflow, and prove to be more efficient.
Blue Chip assisted the client in determining an appropriate process and toolset for software delivery with a formal recommendation and implementation process. Taking all the customer’s requirements into account, Flexera Admin Studio Standard Edition was identified and determined as the toolset. Following the determination, the product was purchased, configured and tested to ensure the client would be satisfied with the packaging solution.
After gathering functional and technical requirements, clear recommendations were identified. A new workflow was identified to streamline their software management and deployment efforts. Blue Chip provided the client with installation instructions along with process work-flow diagrams to ensure the success of the implementation. After the project was completed, the client could standardize all application packages as Windows installers for an easy integration into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012.




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