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News: Summer Batch framework helps you modernize Cobol batches into .NET


​As a result of a joint study with Accenture, Blu Age Corporation is pleased to announce the release of Summer Batch (now available with an Apache 2 license for download on NuGet and GitHub). The corresponding Blu Age tooling is available at your Blu Age sales representative. It enables the transformation of your Cobol Batch programs into .NET.

As the Spring Batch framework does, this new framework for .NET cover typical enterprise bulk processing needs by implementing concepts exposed in the JSR-352 specifications.

With this new batch framework as a component, Blu Age provides an efficient and complete solution to migrate legacy Cobol Batches into Microsoft .NET environment.


For further information about Summer Batch, please visit:




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Created at 11/19/2015 9:06 AM by Mickael Viazzo
Last modified at 11/19/2015 9:06 AM by Mickael Viazzo