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News: StART 2.5 for Cloud Readiness


StART 2.5 for Cloud Readiness. With the release version 2.5 of StART (Software Strategy Analysis and Reporting Tool) B+B Unternehmensberatung has implemented new and additional Templates for analyzing Applications based on Oracle, Liniux, Mainframe and other platforms  for their Cloud Readiness. B+B Cloud Readiness Assessment analyzes the existing situation in terms of business, processes and technology with the procedural methodology of StART (holistic approach). An infrastructure metrics for Mapping to Windows Azure® along with feasibility criteria to each application will help mapping Workload to Azure IaaS Model. Guidelines for Sizing to Windows Azure® VM Cloud Service and a  TCO/ROI Calculation based on high level cost / effort estimations for Windows Azure® transformation and deployment are valuable parameters for CIO/CTO planning their Windows Azure® Cloud strategy.  

For more information on B+B, visit , contact or download the StART Whitepaper on




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Created at 1/13/2015 1:59 AM by bb-information-management
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