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B+B Unternehmensberatung launches the new version of its analysis tool StART (Software Strategy Analysis and Reporting Tool). START 2.0 evaluates the right strategy for each of your legacy applications and is now fully integrated with the APM tools of Micro Focus, Clerity and ITP Panorama. With StART 2.0 B+B offers a highly advanced analysis tool that electronically assesses, analyzes and aggregates the basic information sources of legacy applications and their environments. StART 2.0 and its aggregation concept provide a highly advanced and proven toolset for generating an "X-ray view" of your entire mainframe based application environment within a projected timeframe of approximately four to six months, transparently demonstrating to you and your staff which application calls for which strategy. For more information on B+B, visit , contact or download the StART Whitepaper 2.0 on




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