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Research Papers: Duplicate Code Increases Risk During Legacy Modernization – AveriSource Whitepaper


​For many years, industry analysts have stated that over 50% of legacy modernization projects fail. Even those deemed “successful” often disappoint their consumers when deployed. Needless to say, the high failure rate has resulted in massive resource and financial waste. In many organizations, it has also created a fear of failure that prevents positive change. This lack of change equates to lost revenue opportunities, lost market share and slow adoption of disruptive technologies. In some sense, these failures are the proverbial anchor being hauled along the path to Digital Transformation.

To reduce risk and increase the chances of success, a plethora of tools, services and techniques have been developed to assist in legacy modernization, whether it be lifting-and-shifting mainframe systems to lower cost platforms (is this really “modernization”?), COTS replacement, automated transformation, greenfield rewrites, etc. More recently, newer architectural principles have surfaced to aid in this area as well.

Despite all of the considerable (and generally very helpful) progress made, it is surprising how few modernization projects take advantage of a simple and extremely effective way of reducing project scope and complexity – eliminating similar and duplicate source code.​

Read the white paper for strategies to identify and rectify duplicate and similar code.




AveriSource White Paper - Look Before You Leap.pdf    
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