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Success Stories: Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Case Study


Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group
Auto group drives down costs with database migration and increases performance
Business Situation

When the Dollar Thrifty Auto Group’s (DTAG) Rate Engine application experienced performance issues it threatened online sales and customer satisfaction.

To improve the Rate Engine’s reliability, DTAG chose Avanade to help evaluate and then migrate this mission-critical application from Oracle Database 10g to a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise cluster. Avanade completed the project in four months and on time for the busy summer season.

Online customers now get rental rates faster. Avanade re-architected the data service to support SQL Server 2008 and fine-tuned the database to improve the application's performance. This solution leverages a smaller hardware footprint, adds high availability, and costs less than expanding the existing Oracle solution. The migration saved DTAG several hundred thousand in UNIX hardware and Oracle software costs and saves ,000 annually in maintenance costs. The new Rate Engine application took only one year to achieve a 100 percent return on investment. Today, DTAG has a cost-effective solution it can easily scale for other business ventures.




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