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Pacific Life
Using Microsoft technology to migrate from a legacy system in order to modernize infrastructure while minimizing business impact
Business Situation
Pacific Life wished to maintain existing business processes while making major underlying changes to their technology environment. Pacific Life utilized Avanade to support them in their effort to re-platform (Mainframe to Wintel) non-financial feeds that are consumed by business systems.

Avanade supported Pacific Life in building a custom import/export framework using SSIS and TSQL Scripts as well as a staging environment to support the creation of feeds in a Wintel environment that were previously created on a Mainframe platform. Avanade created a custom DLL that parsed and processed incoming flat files and deposited them into the staging database. The DLL also output data into flat files in a variety of formats based on configurations in an SSIS Framework database. The Avanade team also initially designed the SSIS Framework database. The DLL was written in C#. The framework also contains a custom Balance and Control component for validating the feeds. In a parallel work stream, a Mainframe reporting user interface application was recreated in Win Forms (VB.NET on Visual Studio 2005) to mirror existing functionality. The new reporting application will replace the existing application.

The successful on-time and on-budget deployment of Project 943 significantly reduced Pacific Life’s dependence on the Mainframe system data feeds while abstracting the technology changes from the day-to-day business processes. The completion of Project 943, with its creation of a framework and its successful re-platform of 20 non-financial feeds, gives Pacific Life the ability and confidence to move forward to other conversion efforts including financial feeds. Avanade has been engaged to help Pacific Life with this effort from July 2010 – May 2011.




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