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News: ATERAS® Receives Microsoft Platform Modernization Technology Achievement Award


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ATERAS® Receives Microsoft Platform Modernization Technology Achievement Award

for Natural Re-Host

ATP™ Provides a Low Cost Alternative to Natural Adabas

DALLAS, TX, July 11, 2012 – ATERAS, a leading provider of solutions for legacy migration and modernization, announced today the receipt of Microsoft Corp.’s Technology Achievement Award for its ATP ™ (Application Transparency Platform) tool at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2012. ATP is a Natural Language Re-Hosting solution that dramatically reduces the timeframe for moving Natural Adabas applications out of expensive licensing environments and updating databases to relational database technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, providing a fast ROI.

"We are pleased to present the Microsoft Platform Modernization technology achievement award to ATERAS for fiscal year 2012," said Bob Ellsworth, Microsoft Worldwide Director of Platform Modernization. "ATERAS’ unique approach to moving Natural/Adabas environments to Windows and SQL Server with little or no code change enables our joint customers to reduce licensing costs with low risk."

Natural applications are moved seamlessly to the more economical and robust ATP runtime environment, reducing cost and mainframe workload without disrupting the business teams. Adabas databases and their data content are converted to industry-relational technology such as SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 for z/OS. There is no need for end-user re-training because the end user community continues to experience the same screen formats, color schemes, keystroke capabilities, tabbing sequences and edit processes. The Natural development teams are productive on day one because they continue to maintain the applications using standard Natural syntax. ATP includes a full GUI development environment that provides the developer with full documentation of the Natural applications, flow diagraming, impact analysis, screen painters and an improved programming environment. The development environment is complete with an interactive debugger, dual run-time mode for release testing, version control features, and deployment tracking capabilities.

‘This prestigious recognition from Microsoft provides additional confirmation that the ATP Re-Hosting concept is fast becoming the new direction and the solution of choice for the Adabas/Natural community. The ability to Re-Host existing Natural code without change or conversion has been sought after for a number of years, ATP fulfills this requirement and we consider the Microsoft award as a strong endorsement of our investment and the value ATP is already bringing to our clients.’ Scott Miller, CEO, President ATERAS.


ATERAS has supported global enterprises for over 28 years, offering state-of-the art services that exploit automation for transforming legacy applications and databases into modern technologies using patent-pending automated conversion, Natural re hosting and modernization technologies (DB-Shuttle™ & eav® suite). ATERAS’ Application Portfolio Management (APM) solutions and Application code understanding range from Assessments of existing IT environments, enterprise field expansion, and COBOL/Natural workbenches to automated documentation tools. Information at:


Anna Stamatelatos, Vice President Sales & Marketing


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