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Success Stories: Atea Case Study: Humanitarian Group Replaces VMware with Hyper-V to Cut Costs, Improve Response


Facing reduced donations and rising demand for services, the Swedish Red Cross (SRC) wanted to lower operational costs and increase IT agility so it could better help those in need. The nonprofit switched from VMware virtualization software to the Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter operating system with Hyper-V virtualization technology to achieve annual-licensing, hardware, and energy savings of SEK113,000 (U.S.,000). Not only has the SRC reduced operational costs, but it has gained increased IT agility from the ability to create servers in minutes to meet the needs of project teams. The SRC uses Microsoft System Center data center solutions to automate many server management tasks, which also frees up IT staff’s time to better support the organization’s needs and protect data. Using Hyper-V to reduce physical servers also helps the SRC lessen its environmental impact.

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