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News: Astadia Releases Reference Architectures for Migrating Unisys and IBM Mainframe Workloads to Microsoft Azure


Astadia Releases Reference Architectures for Migrating Unisys and IBM Mainframe Workloads to Microsoft Azure

 Astadia leverages its 25+ years expertise in legacy modernization to focus on moving mainframe workloads to Microsoft’s public cloud.

  • Significant mainframe applications and databases still exist
  • Microsoft Azure has the security, performance and reliability required
  • Astadia has the consulting expertise, methodology and best practices needed
  • Mainframe-to-Cloud resources available at

 July 10, 2017 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

 JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Astadia, the premier technology consultancy focused on modernizing mainframe workloads, today announced the release of two separate reference architectures for moving Unisys and IBM mainframe workloads to Microsoft Azure’s public cloud computing infrastructure. Astadia has moved mainframe workloads to distributed environments for more than 25 years and have applied that expertise to architecting the solution for customers adopting Azure.

 Mainframes still run significant workloads on behalf of commercial and public sector organizations; yet the cost of maintaining these platforms increases annually while the availability of skilled workers rapidly declines. Azure is now ready to support these workloads with security, performance and reliability, fueling new digital transformation and innovation.

 “For decades, mainframes have traditionally housed the most mission critical applications for an organization,“ said Scott Silk, Astadia Chairman and CEO. “Microsoft Azure is ready to take on these workloads and Astadia is ready to help organizations make the move with a low-cost, low-risk approach, and then provide ongoing services to manage the resulting environment.“

 “Astadia has been a trusted Microsoft platform modernization partner for years,” said Bob Ellsworth, Microsoft’s Director of Enterprise Modernization and Azure HiPo Partners. “Astadia is a proven mainframe applications and database consultancy and their focus on Azure will benefit numerous enterprise companies.“

 Astadia’s Mainframe to Azure Reference Architectures Built on Decades of Experience

 Astadia has completed over 200 successful platform modernization projects and has a proven methodology, best practices and proprietary tools for discovery, planning, implementation and on-going management and support. The Mainframe to Cloud Reference Architectures cover the following topics:

  • Drivers and challenges associated with modernizing mainframe workloads
  • A primer on the specific mainframe architectures
  • A primer on the Microsoft Azure architecture
  • Detailed Reference Architecture diagrams and accompanying narrative


The Unisys to Microsoft Azure Reference Architecture is available for free download at

The IBM Mainframe to Microsoft Azure Reference Architecture is available for free download at

The IBM AS400 to Microsoft Azure Reference Architecture is under development with planned release in August 2017. To be notified upon release, email

 About Astadia

Astadia is a multi-national premier technology consultancy focused on maximizing the impact and minimizing the risks of today’s blended enterprise and cloud IT ecosystem. Clients choose Astadia for our experience, agility and the results we deliver.

 For more information about Astadia, please visit and follow Astadia at @AstadiaIncFacebook/AstadiaInc and LinkedIn/Astadia..

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