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Success Stories: Case Study AVR - Marous Brothers


​At a glance...

Customer Profile:

Marous Brothers Construction is a leading commercial construction company and has spent the past thirty-five years building some of the most recognizable commercial buildings in the Midwest.


The business uses several vendors' very expensive, vertical software packages for managing all aspects of commercial building construction. It had the need for integrating data from these applications.


ASNA's Visual RPG and DataGate for SQL Server empowered Marous Brothers Construction's Rick Schuster to solve the data integration challenge that had long plagued the company.


Results generated quickly

Vertical software silos continue to operate independently, no changes were required to their specific workflows

Company now able to query and report data from all vertical software in one place


AVR.NET, DataGate SQL Server (DSS), ASNA Services, EPPlus Library​




Marous Brothers Case Study.pdf    
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