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Success Stories: Case Study AVR, Wings, DataGate - Systems Implementation


​At a glance...

Customer Profile

Systems Implementation, founded in 1980, offers a full IBM i software suite for both the sales and services sides of the two-way and wireless communication business.


As an IBM i ISV, Systems Implementation needed to modernize its RPG application to ensure it would remain competitive and relevant amongst a sea of PC-based competitors.


First turning to IBM’s WebFacing, and later considering other third-party competitors, Systems Implementation chose ASNA Wings to resolve its user interface dilemma. Systems Implementation customized Wings standard output to add dashboard-like features and a vastly improved, visual, menuing system.


•Systems Implementation now offers a modern, extensible, and competitive user interface to its customers.

•A new menuing system, dubbed CRM Hub, dramatically streamlines end user workflows.

•Most screens feature functional and cosmetic enhancements including charts, images, Ajax, date pickers, and many other end-user productivity enhancements


ASNA Visual RPG for .NET, ASNA Wings, DataGate, IBM i​




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