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News: Anubex announces TestMatch support for IBM's z/OS Connect


Anubex announces today that its automated testing product TestMatch will be extended to fully support IBM z/OS Connect(tm).

This means that applications developed under z/OS Connect can now also benefit from TestMatch’s “record-replay-compare” testing paradigm for automated non-regression testing.

z/OS Connect will thus become the newest member of the TestMatch supported protocols (already supported were among others TN3270, CICS Transaction Gateway, MQ and Entire/X) for IBM, while also supporting protocols for BS2000/OSD and Unisys. To find out more about our TestMatch data comparison tool (including a demo video), follow the link to the news article on our website.




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Created at 7/2/2019 6:42 AM by Mario Mees
Last modified at 7/4/2019 3:01 AM by Mario Mees